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Jan Hohendorf (GER 99) about day 4

Hi Jan, every day we interview a team that did well in the races of the day. You did very well today with a ninth and a fourth place. Would you like to tell us something about your day?:

Today Bernd (Höft) and I started with some discussion about the right trim for the wind circumstances. We started both races on the right side of the line, like we planned. Both races we got to the top mark in second place.

Was it hard to keep your position after that?:

Yes, that’s always hard with people like the Bojsi’s and the Hungarians behind you. But it’s very nice sailing when you are in the top group. When you are more in the back, it becomes so much harder to sail well. When your are in the top group you have free wind and you can plan your decisions better. Plus you don’t have as much situations with shouting and bumping into each other. We were surprised by one incident between Enno and Ard and Shuki (Shmuel Markhoff and Lars Stöckmann). Enno pointed out that Shmuel did not pass in front of him correctly in a very relaxed manner and Shmuel took his penalty without any complaints. That’s how the top competitors deal with each other.

You have had a troubled championship so far. That’s a pity. What happened and what were your expectations?:

Yes, we were both ill in the first half of the week so we decided to skip a day. Unfortunately there were three races that day. And on the first day we took a U-flag, so there you go. Last year in Scarlino we weren’t there, but two years ago in Steinhude I was 24th with André Budzien, so we hoped to end up somewhere between 15th and 20th place this year.  By the way, André just became World Champion at the OK-dinghy Worlds in Warnemünde!

How long have you been sailing FD?:

Since three years. I bought the boat from Björn Althaus. Before this I’ve sailed many other classes, but I’m really happy in the FD class. It’s very nice that you can just walk up to the Bojsi’s or the Hungarians to ask them a question and they will just talk to you in a friendly way. Not like ‘you’re in the back of the fleet, so I won’t talk to you’ or anything like that.

Left to right: Sjors Riemslag (interviewer) Jan (GER 99) and Casper Schaaf (Interviewer)