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NIcola and Francesco Vespasiani (ITA 4) about day 3

Hi guys, every day we like to interview some sailors who are high in the rankings. Can we ask you a few questions today? You did better in every race today, how was today for you?

It was a nice day. Racing was really hard because of the light winds and waves. The level of sailing is quite high here. Everyone in the top 20 is fast. It’s not as easy for the HUN 70 and the DEN 21 as it was in other years. The start is very important here. It determines at least 50 percent of the race result. We found that out yesterday. When you don’t start very well it’s almost impossible to get back to the front.

Did you finish on the podium in other World Championships or would this be your best result so far?

We finished third a couple of times before; in Romania, in Scotland and in Croatia. The Danish and the Hungarians are really on another level. They are better prepared than we are, and they have way more experience.

Would you be able to beat them?

Well, they are human, so technically it should be possible.

Were you happy with the increasing wind today?

We are good in light and medium conditions, but we are getting better with a bit more wind. The Race Committee did a good job today. The whole event is well organized. We were here 10 years ago. We like this year better because of the sun!