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New Zealand FD Worlds – Shipping from Europe

I am working on it with our specialists within the company, but the prices for overseas shipment are going up- and down by the day at the moment. I hope we can get more or less reliable figures within a month from now. Based on my experience I think loading could be beginning of December this year. Best is that all European sailors who are interested to go, send me an email (non binding), so I can make the best possible and efficient transport set-up, based on full container loads (6 FD’s) as much as possible.

At the moment I have following numbers who reported themselves with me:

  • 6x Germany and 1 Spain, loading in environment of Steinhude
  • 4x Hungary, loading environment Budapest
  • 1x Czech
  • 3x Netherlands

Of course this is just preliminary.  Standard loading spot will be Oss/Netherlands as before. Trucking/Train/loading at other sports in Europe is possible if desired at additional costs. Will make proposals for that as well. As known we do have all loading/stuffing gear to ensure safe loading of the FD’s. Loading/unloading of the boats in the containers by the sailors themselves. Due to quarantaine inspections it is absolutely not allowed to take any foodstuffs or wood into the containers. The ATA carnet for the complete European shipment will be arranged by me as well, based on information I will ask from the sailors (please wait for standard format by then). Will make a proposal for the overseas transport insurance as well, which is needed as most policies do not cover. Keep in touch.

Frank Nooijen