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Shipping Informations

Transport of Containers to NZL

As those competitors that have transported boats to New Zealand in the past will be
aware, we have extremely high inspection tolerances for both containers that are
shipped into New Zealand and the contents within these containers.

We propose that all incoming containers are shipped to New Zealand under
INCOTERMS 2017 CIF Port Nelson (Cost, Insurance & Freight).
Your shipping brokers will be familiar with these terms.

These terms will get all containers to, and unloaded from the ship at Port Nelson.
We ask that all containers are to arrive to the port on or before 1st February 2019.
From the port, the event organisation will take over responsibility for the clearance;
unloading and delivery of the boats and associated equipment to the Nelson Yacht
Club. The costs for this will be included in the entry fee.

All competitors’ containers MUST be loaded with CLEAN and DRY equipment.
This will help to avoid delays with MAF in NZ due to New Zealand’s strict biosecurity

Any additional costs for cleaning of boats and equipment required by NZ MAF will be
met by the owners of the boats within the offending container, and could
significantly delay delivery of boats and equipment within the container to the
Nelson Yacht Club.

As of Jan 2018, all containers arriving in NZ from either Italy, or the USA are required
to be Bromide Fumigated, (the cost for this is approximately 600 euros) due to
problems with Stink Bug Beetle infestation.

Event Organisers will advise later in 2018 if this requirement alters/relaxes.
After MAF clearance, the containers will be delivered to the Nelson Yacht Club to
provide secure storage for the duration of the event.

At completion of the event, all containers can be packed ready for shipping at the
Nelson Yacht Club.

When packed, the event organisation will deliver all containers from the Nelson
Yacht Club to the port for shipping.